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Die lustige Witwe

We’re getting ready for the premiere of die lustige Witwe (the Merry Widow) at Theater Vorpommern. It’s been a long time coming - in fact this was the first project I was involved with as I joined the ensemble here in February 2020. The world has changed a lot since then, and it’s been a strange feeling to return to the work I was doing right before the first COVID lockdown in Germany.

In any case, it’s great fun. I’m actually on stage for this staging, playing the onstage music in character as the unenthusiastic staff pianist at the Parisian embassy of the imaginary country Pontevedro. In contrast to my character I can’t wait for the premiere, which is in Greifswald on the 6th of November.

More information and tickets here (in German)

Photo: Peter van Heesen

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